Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Venturing Forum How-To Survey Results

We had a great turnout at our Venturing Forum on the 13th.  I thought I would post the results of the "Venturing Forum How-To Survey" below for you to consider:

It was interesting to hear the comment about "how do we recruit the young men" when reading the "how to recruit parents" item in the how-to list..  We had a productive discussion about the interests of young men in this age group.  Some of the other "How-To" topics I noted were:
  • How are other crews being effective?
  • What are other crews doing that works?
  • Our Venturing age young men don't want to do "Scouting", what should I do?
Considering all of the feedback received at the forum last Thursday, I'm confident we'll have plenty of great content for our Venturing Forum for the next several months!

Thanks to everyone for your participation.  Hope the forum was valuable.  I'll use the survey results and my notes to formulate a topic for next month and send it out to you in advance to get your feedback.  See you next month on October 11th.


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