Thursday, January 29, 2015

January Venturing Forum - Vision and Recruiting Parents

Before trying to recruit help for your Venturing program, it's beneficial for recruits to know the "why" or the vision behind Venturing.  I thought about vision, and what future success looks like for the Forum, and came up with a simple vision for the Hobble Creek District Venturing Forum:

  • Fulfill Duty to God
  • Perpetually Staffed
  • Worth My Time

I figured if the Forum can meet these goals, we'd be successful.

After talking about vision, we focused on how to recruit people to help with your Venturing program.  Little did the unsuspecting Venturing Forum members know that during this Forum session I was going to try to recruit them for the opportunity to fill Venturing Forum Adviser positions!  I am happy to report that we were somewhat successful!  For your reference, we followed the Venturing Forum's "Seven Ways to Recruit and Retain Top Leaders" found in Appendix K - Page 106.  See you on Feb 12th!