Venturing Forum Advisors

The Hobble Creek District Venturing Forum Advisors are a group of adult advisors who voluntarily contribute to the monthly Venturing Forum at Roundtable.  We serve as volunteers in our local units and come to the Venturing Forum to learn and gain perspective from others.

The advisory roles in the district serve two purposes: 1) district roles are intended to reflect the adult advisor roles in the unit, helping to facilitate on-the-job training, and 2) district roles help perpetuate the future of the Hobble Creek District Venturing Forum, which promotes Venturing in the Hobble Creek District.

Here is a brief list of District Venturing Forum Advisor responsibilities, adapted from the Venturing Leader Manual:

Forum Advisor
  • Leads the monthly Venturing Forum for a term of two years.
  • Fosters an environment of growth and responsibility.
  • Encourages participation and support for Venturing.
  • Upholds the standards and policies of the chartered organization and the Boy Scouts of America.
  • Promotes an environment that adheres to the BSA safety guidelines.
  • Advocates BSA adult advisor training.
Forum Associate Advisor - Programs
  • Support Forum members by seeking the interests of members to determine monthly Venturing Forum topics.
  • Teach and assist in facilitating teaching and presentation of monthly Venturing Forum topics.
  • Foster local Venturing Crew involvement in the Venturing Forum.
  • Seek input from district and council resources (youth, adults, consultants) who can contribute to Forum topics.
  • Serve a one year term.
Forum Associate Advisor - Administrative
  • Provide backup leadership for the Advisor and assumes responsibility for the Forum in the Advisor’s absence.
  • Support recruitment and recognition efforts of Forum members.
  • Maintain the Hobble District Venturing Forum Blog.
  • Serve a one year term.
Forum Secretary
  • Track monthly Venturing Forum attendance.
  • Communicate with Venturing Forum members regarding upcoming Forum Topics, district and council Venturing events.
  • Serve a one year term.
Forum Consultant
  • Experienced Venturing resources who can teach and train on Venturing topics.
  • Serve the Forum on an as-needed basis.

1 comment:

  1. Robert Gardner has accepted the opportunity to serve as the new Venturing
    Forum Adviser. He will take the reins of the Forum in June. Thanks for serving Robert!

    Also, a big thanks to Kevin Christensen who has served as our Forum Secretary. He has a new calling in the high council now, but will still be involved in Scouting! As such, the Forum is looking for a new secretary. Let us know if you want to be involved!